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When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven or pie heaven,

choose pie heaven...It might be a trick, but if it's not, mmmmmmm, boy.

5/11/06 01:08 pm - otoko to aisukuriimu onegai shimasu, goddamnit


Get help with homework/papers/projects! Get paid to answer other people's questions! Scientifically proven to be a better study aid than cocaine and Adderall combined! Yes, I'm talking to YOU. You will also be helping out a very good friend of mine, who made the above website. JOIN!

More shows that I should go to but most likely will not:
Sat. 5/13 The Fall at the KF
Mon. 5/22 Architecture in Helsinki at the Troubadour
Tue. 5/23 The Fall w/ The Robot Ate Me at the Knitting Factory
Sat. 6/3 Liars at the Troubadour
Fri. 6/9 Film School at the Echo
Sat. 6/10 Cocorosie at the Troubadour
Wed. 6/14 The Mountain Goats at the Troubadour
Fri. 6/16 Tapes ‘n Tapes w/ Figurines at the Echo
Sat.6/24 Lansing-Dreiden at the Troubadour
Thu. 6/29 Radiohead w/ Deerhoof at the Greek Theatre
Fri. 6/30 same as above
Fri. 6/30 Band of Horses at the Echo
Thu. 7/6 Tilly and the Wall at the Troubadour
Wed. 8/2 Hot Chip at the Troubadour
Tue. 8/22 A Silver Mt. Zion at the Ex_Plx
Fri. 9/8 Nouvelle Vague at the Henry Fonda
Wed. 11/8 Clinic at the Troubadour

wow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ssd3206A8tg&search=daffy%20nazis

11/18/05 11:59 am - you will pay for your excessive charm

Mon. 11/21 Broadcast w/ Gravenhurst at the Troubadour
Tue. 11/22 Animal Collective at the El Rey
Tue. 11/22 Deerhoof at the Echo
Wed. 11/23 same as above
Wed. 11/23 Tom Vek at the Troubadour
Thu. 12/1 Gogogo Airheart at the Echo
Sat. 12/3 The Wrens at the Troubadour
Mon. 12/5 T(I)NC at the Troubadour
Wed. 12/7 The Rapture at the Troubadour
Sat. 12/10 !!! at the El Rey
Fri. 12/16 Explosions in the Sky at the Troubadour
Sat. 12/17 same as above
Tue. 1/3 Wolf Parade at the El Rey
Fri. 1/27 OF MONTREAL at the Echo (Ex Plex room)

and to balance things out...

9/28/05 03:30 pm - zzzzzap zzzzzap

the list o' shows has been moved to the above entry ^^^

9/6/05 07:46 pm - ahhhhh!

Cat Power really needs to sing for other bands more often. "I've Been Thinking" by Handsome Boy Modeling School is amazing. That voice singing "Slide slide slippedy slide, hip hop and don't stop" = GOLD

Oh, and Arthurfest was awesome of course. The banjo/accordion/saw player from Olivia Tremor Control is cuteness personified and I'd sleep with approx 66.7% of Dead Meadow. That's pretty much my summary of the whole event.

6/16/05 05:26 pm - it's too bad that entire families have to be torn apart by something as simple as wild dogs

So I'm 18 today...I need to go to the most awesomely tacky male strip club I can find. Something like this:

Anyone want to see Annie or The Go! Team or any of the other bands on my list o' shows?

6/15/05 04:45 pm - adventures in telezonia

Holy fuck:

Sat. 6/18 The Go-Betweens at the Troubadour
Sun. 6/19 Rilo Kiley at the Wiltern
Mon. 6/20 Enon w/ Thunderbirds are Now! at the Troubadour
Tue. 6/21 Spoon/Clientele at the Avalon
Sat. 6/25 The Apple at the Nuart (midnight)
Tue. 6/28 Architecture in Helsinki at the Echo
Wed. 6/29 Maximo Park at the Troubadour
Thu. 6/30 Architecture in Helsinki at Sea Level Records
Sat. 7/2 Annie at TBA
Sun. 7/3 Annie at Standard Downtown rooftop
Sun. 7/3 The Robot Ate Me at the Smell
Tue. 7/5 Annie at Cinespace
Sat. 7/9 Dungen at the Troubadour
Sun. 7/10 Tracy + the Plastics at the Echo
Wed. 7/20 Le Tigre at the Avalon
Thu. 7/21 The Go! Team at the Troubadour
Fri. 7/22 same as above
Fri. 7/29 Liars at the Troubadour
Fri. 7/29 Mu at the Echo
Thu. 8/4 The Dead Science at the Smell
Sat. 8/6 Devo at the House of Blues Sunset
Sun. 8/7 same as above
Fri. 8/12 Gravy Train!!!! at TBA
Sat. 8/13 Old Time Relijun at the Smell
Sat. 8/27 Sunset Junction Street Fair
Sun. 8/28 same as above
Tue. 9/29 M83 at the Avalon
Sat. 10/1 The Notwist at the El Rey (with Themselves as 13 & God)

4/27/05 05:08 pm - sneaky toast

clearly a good ideaCollapse )

4/16/05 03:54 pm - HOT RE-POSTING ACTION!

Hello all.

Upcoming shows, midnight movies, etc...this list has been moved to the above post.

Sometime, I'll post pictures from some of the shows I've been to over the past 3 years. But it might be a while...

Might I add:

4/6/05 09:32 am

So this is what I do in school...

3/24/05 05:46 pm - trash into trash equals trash flavored trash

Ohhhhh, that pesky extra chromosome has proven quite entertaining:

WTF: Part Deux, or A Case for AbortionsCollapse )
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